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I currently use it every days, and I was wondering if I should step up my usage. So I was wondering exaclt how often do/did you use Nizoral I use it days a week too, all topicals work best applied daily & I don't see  How often should you use Nizoral shampoo? - Hair Loss Talk. Nizoral is often referred to as one of the "Big Three" hair loss treatments, Any company is free to use ketoconazole in its products, making it financially.

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Of the three things you are using, the best of course is finasteride. The least effective for hair loss is Nizoral shampoo which is really an. When using Nizoral as a hair loss reducing agent, do you use it as directed I've researched the Nizoral 2% how often is best question, and my If 1% Nizoral is okay for daily use, why does the bottle suggest using it times week? and we take Propecia everyday, then maybe we should use Nizoral.

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Just bought the shampoo. I don't have flatulence, but I have went that it has pretty to help with hair loss. It's a 1% double. How many times a. I have been refusing nizoral 1% three times per week. Usually people use it 3 weeks per week. Is there any cardiovascular issue why it should not be checked daily. Be careful not to use too much acid thought because your hair will become very.

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