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Sertraline can cause weight gain as well as other SSDRI"S. I did gain weight during the first year, which was around I have not met I have not gain any weight but I cant lose none either while being on the drug that what upset me. I hope you get the results you are looking for. Take Care, Dream. Sertraline, or Zoloft, is typically a weight-neutral medication, meaning it does not cause any weight gain or loss, according to an article published in Psychology Today. However, in some people it can lead to weight changes. If depression led to weight loss, then weight gain while taking Zoloft may be due to improvement of.

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I want to know does sertraline cause weight gain or weight loss. She said any time I can stop it and I am due to see her next month. I know it takes weeks to see the benefit. Please give me your experience especially those who are slim before starting the medication. Did you lost weight or gain? Not everyone will experience major weight gain while taking Zoloft. Others may gain a few extra pounds, but it won't be much of a big deal. Yet others will experience a major increase in their baseline bodyweight. If you have gained weight from Zoloft, feel free to share how much you gained, the dosage you.

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