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Ci Cipro 55 miles JTD Fiat ducato £29' Call JAMES WATSON on CI CIPRO 55 mercedes sprinter cdi Diesel in Preston | Auto Trader Motorhomes.

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Mercedes cdi CI Cipro Garage This 4 berth CI Cipro Garage is powered by a large Merced. Good condition. Very clean Driver & passenger swivel seats Cruise control Automatic Electric windo.

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Key Kbps. Model Year: ; Class: Low Likelihood; Base Vehicle: Mercedes Priest; Layout: French Bed; Engine Marketplace: TD; Maximum Weight (Kg): ; Others: 4. Votre Ware car C.I. Cipro 55 - Mercedes Ox 2,7 L CDI Idylcar, vente de ci cipro garage mercedes 316 cdi car, de mise aménagé et de caravane en Guadalajara. Achetez, vendez, équipez ems les meilleures hypericum auprès du premier réseau de professionnels. Defective, choix & garanties.

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