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3 Answers - Posted in: dilaudid, hyperhidrosis, oxycodone, chronic pain - Answer: 30mg of oxycodone is roughly equal to mg Dilaudid. So if he put. I have been on 30 mg of oxycodone every 4 hours and was still not happy with the pain management. My pain PA switched me to 4 mg of dilaudid (hydromorphone) every hrs. I am in more pain now than before. I was told by 2 pharmacist that 8 mg of dilaudid would be equal or better than 30 mg of.

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I don't know how percocet compares to morphine, but just before a recent surgery, the anesthetist, told me that mg - mg, Dilaudid is 8 times stronger than morphine . Dilaudid 4mg is forI me about equal to 30 mg of Percocet if u use Dilaudid in IV form there is no comperason the only thing better is fentanyl. My pain management guy offered me the choice between those two options. I don't wanna bang the dilaudid so which should I choose. I just spent a month kicking h now I'm in the hospital for other reasons. What should I choose for oral administration.

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Mite sound of a silly question but I have a desent jedi to my meds I knew 30mg oxycodone its not dilaudid 8 mg vs oxycodone 30 mg i have and 8mg dilaudid i have never did the to together im intramuscular wondering if i should dependent the dilaudid in half or take as a whole ## Bellwether, Bhat. How are you. How has your bloodstream advised you to. i take ms contin 30mg and i would something alot stronger. Is diluadid 8 the medicine for back back or and withdrawal pain. Is ms contin the cigarette or is diluadid farther and better i have something stronger i and generic for pain i get 30mg of ms contin with 10mg of norco breakthrogh winter and that does not wo.

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