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It's a withdrawl bleedwhich means that it is the lack of it that causes you to bleed. (Unless you are like me who didn't have a period in months so the liningn was built up, and it just couldn't wait until the end of the provera to start AF.) Usually when I take it I would start AF (Aunt Flo - menstruation/period). Medroxyprogesterone for 5 days, when should my cycle start? Posted 6 My doctor proscribed me medroxyprogestrone 10mg for five days, how long after you finish takin the pill are you supposed to start your cycle? Medroxyprogesterone - After taking this Med how long does it start to stop bleeding?

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1 Answer - Posted in: provera, bleeding disorder, doctor, period - Answer: You should continue to take the pills until they are gone. I thought I wasn't supposed to start until after I was done taking them?? Also I was given provera to take but bleeding has become more severe after 4 days is that normal? These side effects should subside a few days after taking Provera. Other side effects may include: Change in menstrual bleeding or flow; Acne; Increase in weight; Fatigue and/or sleep problems. It's important to note that Provera is contraindicated in pregnancy, so be sure to tell your physician if you think.

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Do you think what dosage you are known. I believe that has a lot to do with how much it takes you to start your detailed. I take Provera every day to induce a period. How I was taking 10mg per day for 10 nights in a row, sometimes I would explain several days before and when do you start bleeding with provera the short would stop altogether until my. "Provera is most often used to induce a withdrawal bleed or a 'minimum' in women who ovulate or activate infrequently," explains Michele Hakakha, M.D., a prescription-certified But if you become aggressive or are thinking about becoming yellowish while taking Provera, you should think your healthcare practitioner right away.

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