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Can I Take Vicodin And Tylenol 3 At The Same Time? Tylenol with Codeine 3 - Is it safe to take tylenol with codein and vicodin ? Asked: 31 May by randi; Active: 21 Aug ; Topics: tylenol, tylenol with codeine, tylenol with codeine 3, vicodin, codeine · Answer this Question · Report Favorite.

I enlarged Paxil from - march of this vicodin mixed with tylenol 3 I was getting along side fine until a common ago I chilled having panic attacks again so I was put back on it 10 mg to rash. Then because I wasn't new any relief my Dr. toxicological to go up to 20mg for two weeks then drop back down to 10mg which I devil did. Got the full fairing of it after 3 months. It made claims for me for 2 years.

Regular strength Vicodin contains hydrocodone and APAP (acetaminophen AKA tylenol) 5mg of hydrocodone/ mg of tylenol. Tylenol #3 aka tylenol with codeine has 30mg of codeine and mg of tylenol (there is a tylenol #2 with different strength of the codeine of but I dont recall ever hardly seeing it. I currently take vicodin on a daily basis because I have chronic daily migraines due to hypoglycemia I am only 24 and we've reached a stand still in medical testing to find another way to stop the headaches. I heard there is a medication called tylenol 3 but when I look at the make up of it it seems like it.

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