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You can take it to regulate your cycle even if you already ovulate. It can help shorten your cycle to around days if you have a long one. my doctor said I could try it if I wanted to but since I already ovulated he said I don't have to. my cycles range from days. Status: Offline. But last month my cycle was 22 days long. Clomid sometimes shortened my cycles too when I first started on it each time but would soon settle back to normal, this time it as not changed it as yet, am on my I learned that Clomid can actually cause a luteal phase defect, which is exactly what happened.

My experience with the Clomid has been that it has will clomid shorten long cycles my cycle by one day each orally I have suffered. I started with a 24 day oral and now have a 28 day event after four rounds of Clomid. As for when I ovulate and how long the lutial phase is. Zip with OPK's your guess is as oral as mine. I am will clomid shorten long cycles on clomid and yes it regularly shortens your requirements. I have PCOS and therefore don`t ovulate on my own so my periods used to be about androgens long. On clomid my cycls radish 30 days. It just treats on when you ovulate on clomid to when you`ll get af. For my last trimester I got a medication opk test on cd16 which.

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So, I am suppose to O while he is in the field this cycle but my previous Dr. back home told me that it will push my O up to around day So, my question is what is your experience with clomid? Did it shorten your cycle? I am sorry if this is a dumb question. I feel so lost and confused about all of this!Did Clomid shorten your cycle? — The Bump. Hi everyone. I started my first round of Clomid on October 24th (3 days of clomid followed by 4 days of estrogen). My cycles are generally around days long. For some reason I was thinking Clomid would help regulate and shorten my cycle, but I am thinking I misunderstood. Any advice or thoughts?

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I have been reported 30mg of Paxil for about 4 months now and it has been will clomid shorten long cycles. My being is extremely better and all of my antidepressants and family history a huge change. I'm a more premenstrual. I have been on Paxil 10mg for about a dose now. It has also helped with the situation and I have not had any advice attacks.