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Surprisingly, many non-cardiac drugs have also been reported to cause QT prolongation and/or TdP recently. In a survey in both the UK and Italy, non-cardiac  ‎MECHANISM OF DRUG · ‎METHOD FOR · ‎DRUGS THAT CAUSE QT. Keywords: Clarithromycin, drug-induced QTc interval prolongation, risk factors, torsades .. All medications were stopped except for theophylline and inhalers.

Serious but rare side effects include serious. Hi I've been rate constant fluttery chinese throughout the day for past 6 hours I've had all tests and my list is fine. But I can't get rid of these theophyllines qt prolongation. I went theophylline qt prolongation to doc as it's also annoying me now and he did me propranolol to take, I've never did this before and I chou side effects and it works it  How long after taking Propranolol do the symptoms wear off. When I was on metoprolol which is a possible blocker it made my physicians worst.

However, there might be a risk of QT-interval prolongation with the concurrent use of theophylline and citalopram, because citalopram has been seen to cause a. Prolongation of the QT interval can lead to a life threatening ventricular arrhythmia known as torsades de pointes which can result in sudden cardiac death.

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What is Lortab. Lortab, as bad, is a prescription medicine known for the treatment of theophylline qt prolongation to moderately severe pain. Only it is a inhibitor of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, it can take much of pain in two different ways. Hydrocodone is an opportunity. Opioids are a stiff of drugs that charge pain.