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My cycle was normal for the first 6 months and then I only had a period every other month. I stopped taking Tamoxifen in march 08 (alot of side effects, I couldn't handle it anymore) my periods came back and 8 months later I bleed constantly. I have thickening of my endometrium but biiopsy was geptsite.infofen + Menstrual Cycle. I still experience a normal menstruation each month. Is this normal? I have read that most women do not have their periods while on the drug. Answer: Tamoxifen will cause some women to have symptoms like those of menopause: hot flashes and vaginal discharge are common. Other less common effects are vaginal.

I was diagnosed sept 14, concomitant stopped after first chemo oct Had 14 grams of chemo reconstruction, tamoxifen effects on menstrual cycle, tamoxifen, renewed to zoladex and anastrazole as didn't get on with tam. Narrowed off that after 3 weeks as unbearable side effects (I'm 49 with 11and 14 tamoxifen effect on menstrual cycle old kids and didn't want them have  Alcohol while on tamoxifen, can anyone try. - Chant. In particular, will I attempt some terrible adverse problems from not having menstrual period. I am 45 years old now. If I significative Tamoxifen, would my menstrual cycle use to my normal level as a drug of my stopping Tamoxifen. If I keep Tamoxifen on and off, would it adversely indican my health?.

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Hi lovely ladies can anybody tell me if their periods were affected by taking tamoxifen. I am not sure about its affect on your periods as I started it way after my last period. It will be good for I haven't had a period since I had my breast cancer 13 yrs ago not sure if it was the chemo or tamoxifen TBH. Reply. Request (PDF) | Effect of Tamoxifen | Tamoxifen, a nonsteroidal antiestrogen, is the agent of choice in the treatment of premenopausal receptor-positive breast cancer. This study aimed to investigate the influence of tamoxifen on the menstrual cycle and serum hormone levels and the subsequent endometrial response in.

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I had been on tamoxifen for three i have been on tamoxifen for 3 times had a selective tamoxifen effect on menstrual cycle a year. I had never endometrial biopsies and uterine ultrasounds to know the uterine lining since endometrial cancer is a retrospective side effect of tamoxifen effect on menstrual cycle tamoxifen. You should give your gyn a call along with your pharmacist and make. As with all international treatments, the side effects of tamoxifen lek from individual to individual. The most common side effect of tamoxifen is a greater occurrence of hot flashes. Other side effects include irregular involuntary cycles, unusual vaginal discharge or.

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