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In placebo-controlled trials with risperidone, aripiprazole, and olanzapine in elderly subjects with dementia, there was a higher incidence of cerebrovascular adverse reactions (cerebrovascular accidents and transient ischemic attacks) including fatalities compared to placebo-treated subjects. Seroquel is not approved for. The FDA has a clear warning about the dangers and side effects of anti-psychotic drugs like Seroquel, especially in older people. Aspiration pneumonia is a common cause of morbidity and mortality in elderly patients, in particular those with advanced Alzheimer's dementia. SEROQUEL and other.

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However, I have tried everything, and seroquel is my last resort. I am a nurse and have been taking care of my father for almost 4 years. His vascular dementia, from 4 strokes, is getting so bad it tears my heart out. I almost hate to say it but the side effect, which can be death, is almost better than watching. Giving quetiapine (Seroquel) to people who live with dementia and who may be unable to report the side effects they are experiencing is cruel and in many cases completely unnecessary. Read more about why drugs like quetiapine are still inappropriately prescribed to elderly people who live with.

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