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What I want to know is if anyone labored and birthed while on Procardia or if your Procardia is failing?? I'm hoping I make it to September but I'm not sure if this baby is going along with my plan. It can help you not feel as many contractions, but if you are going to go into labor, it will happen anyway. From Bed Rest Club. im 32 weeks & was recently placed on nifedipine after having contractions,and being dilated to 1 1/2 still having some painless ones from time to question is has anyone delivered while taking this?if not how long after stopping the meds did you.

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On procardia, started this week, because they stopped contractions twice and dilating/effacing. Lost my plug a couple of days ago, but the meds are helping. I'm like the other girls. I'm pretty sure I'm having prodromal labor, sitting at a two and 50% effaced. If your going to go into labor, you will go -is what. Wow I am just like you. I am 35 weeks pregnant as well (actually 34 1/2). I go back to the doctor Thursday. Anyway, my doctor has put me on Procardia since I was 30 weeks. This was actually due to me going into pre-term labor at 30 weeks. He said he would let me stop taking it at 34 weeks, however he.

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