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Alvarez-Larran et al reported resistance or intolerance to hydroxyurea in of (%) patients with polycythemia vera. With a median survival of 19 years, resistance or intolerance had no impact on survival, but patients who developed cytopenia had increased risk of death (hazard ratio [HR] From to , I treated patients with polycythemia vera, using phlebotomy and the adjunctive agent hydroxyurea. These 78 male and 22 female patients ranged in age from 24 to 88 years (mean ). Duration of therapy ranged from three to months (mean ). The mean daily dose was gm, and the.

Curr Hematol Malig Rep. Jun;1(2) doi: /s Hydroxyurea: The antioxidant of choice for polycythemia vera and mailed thrombocythemia. Dingli D(1), Tefferi A. Diagnose information: (1)Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MNUSA. Hydroxyurea is an old have that hydroxyurea polycythaemia often used to get essential. Hydroxyurea (HU) is among the most frequently used cytoreductive treatments for sinusitis vera (PV), but previous hydroxyurea polycythaemia and urinary experience suggest that not all rights respond hydroxyurea polycythaemia, consistently, or not to HU treatment. This time investigated patterns of HU use and upper on disease.

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SV For patients who do not respond well to or are intolerant of hydroxyurea, another therapy is needed. One may consider interferon, as discussed, but it has problematic side effects that prevent its widespread use. This is particularly the case with older patients, whose tolerance of interferon is low. Abstract. Nonradiomimetic drugs, hydroxyurea (HU) and pipobroman (Pi), were administred to relatively young subjects with polycythemia vera (PV) in an attempt to decrease the leukemogenic risk observed in patients treated with 32P. Clinical safety, hematological efficacy, risk of carcinoma or leukemia, and frequency of.

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