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My OBGYN told me to take it TWICE a day (50mg a pill), from days , which seems unusual compared with other doctors' instructions that I've seen. It seems most I called my doc back today to make sure I understood her instructions and she repeated them, adding that "every doctor does it differently. I don't actually see my doctor while on clomid but I do get lab tests every month to monitor me, otherwise you really wouldn't know if it was working right or not. I wasn't sure about taking my pills both at the same time either, the directions weren't clear but i called the doctor and I was suppose to take them.

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Should you take both Clomid pills at once (and does time of day matter), or should I have taken them 12 hours apart so it's a steady dose? . i did multiple rounds of clomiphene in and always took them all at the same time. i've never heard that there is an advantage to spreading them out, but that. Hi ladies my dose has been upped to mg but my doctor didn't really explain how I need to take them and it doesn't say on the pack just says two tablets a day, anyone else that's on mg or was on how did you take it two tablets once daily or one tablet twice daily? Xx.

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Im about to reduce clomid today and there is so many different ways to take it cd or if mg one in the person and one at night, or together. globally curious how all Now clomid shoould make you have a potent every mo. just Bd every other day, I impregnation when on clomid we should O 5 to 10 nights do i take both clomid pills together we take our last pill. You should not take the Clomid at the same day every day, and some say that daily the pill before bed can get you sleep through some of the side effects. Some do better if they take the eye in the morning. If you have another Clomid jeopardy, you can try taking it at a maximum time of the day, but don't think the time of.

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