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FDA Asks Doctors To Stop Prescribing High-Dose Acetaminophen. The prescription painkiller sold under the brand-name Vicodin contains hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen. To reduce the risk of liver damage, the Food and Drug Administration is moving to limit the amount of acetaminophen allowed in. Researchers Examine Why Tylenol Affects Empathy Nearly one quarter of all Americans reach for a bottle of Tylenol every week to take the edge off a headache, fever or toothache. Nearly one quarter of all Americans reach for a bottle of Tylenol every week to take the edge off a.

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A common pain medication might make you go from "so cute!" to "so what?" when you look at a photo of a kitten. And it might make you less sensitive to horrifying things, too. It's acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol. Researchers say the drug might be taking the edge off emotions — not just pain. And so even though a lot of you already know that acetaminophen can be dangerous, we're going to spend an hour on this today. Because number one, over people are dying every year. It seems completely unnecessary. And number two, the story of how this drug has been regulated by the Food and.

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