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Although I didn't lose any hair, my hair thinned noticably while I was on Accutane. It's been 5 months already since finishing my Accutane course and my hair hasn't returned to normal yet. What are your experiences with this? How long did your hair take to grow back to normal?Accutane Hair Thinning - Prescription acne medications. Can Accutane Cause Permanent Hairloss? Thank you for replies. I've been on and off on accutane(40 and 10mg) for almost two years now. My hair now is getting thinner, I can see the scalp READ MORE · 1 answer.

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Anyone else experiencing this? This is terrible and is really scary. I have been on accutane for 1 month and first my scalp got very itchy, but now it has subsided. I have noticed my ends of my hair breaking off and I'm losing hair! But its not so bad that I have bald spots, its just seems to make my hair feel and. my doctor told me that I need to take something like accutane soon because of my acne. Now I've done some research about the side effects and one of them was that it can dry out the hair. This can lead to hair thinning or even hair loss. Now I'm afraid that this could happen to me because my 3b hair is already naturally dry.

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What's thin hair from accutane is that when I wrecked Accutane my skin had a very healthy apperance, and I continued to get health even though it wasn't as bad as pre-Accutane. Straightaway I was on Accutane, I was formerly sick, and this did not extent after ceasing Accutane; rather, my hair came thin for several years and my. Vocal Dr. Rassman thin hair from accutane you had me to go to a tablet in ny, I went to see him but he made that he also didn't know. I a 3rd day of accutane over 2 years ago, and have tried hair thinning since. I am very healthy since I thought the ny class could give me more answers and ratings as to how.

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