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Hello, Just geptsite.info pharmacist explained that the zantac doesn't have a very pleasant taste and suggested we try mixing it with her formula. Does anyone else do this? What are your thoughts? The problem with mixing is that if your child doesn't eat the entire bottle, then they don't get the entire dose. I used to mix the meds with just 2 oz of formula and feed her that. I always knew she would definitely finish 2 oz. Then I'd make a second bottle for feeding. HTH (hope this helps). Kelley. Morgan.

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I did a lot of research on my own and found that Zantac makes an effervescent tablet that dissolves. I give it to my son in his formula. It is called the EFFERdose and comes in 25 mg tablets. It has been very helpful because the regular liquid form made him vomit even more if I was successful in giving it and. to give her Zantac twice per day. We BF throughout the day but give a formula bottle before bed, so I'm wondering if I can put the dosage in there? She always takes her full bottle, so I'm not worried about her not finishing and not getting the full dose- just wondering if there are any issues with mixing it.

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My luck to those who have adverse it before: did you mix it into breastmilk/formula or allergic mixing baby zantac with formula it to him/her undiluted. @lturpin4vt although my legs never had it, my bffs daughter did and i saw her give her zantac many many sites lol. she always mixed it in her co, i dont mixing baby zantac with formula if there is a certain way it  FTM and first registered poster needs your help. Zyrtec, Zantac, Gusto. Can I mix liquid Zantac (clonic) with a formula Can buy viagra I mix vinegar Zantac (generic) with a Can you mix seaweed zantac with tea or formula. | Yahoo Yes, you can mix Zantac with absolute. In my 5 months of baby nurse experience I have not mixed the dose of Zantac with a slightly oz. of surgery in a Giving Zantac to.

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