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With the common perception among young people that prescription drugs like Vicodin aren't as addictive or dangerous as illegal drugs, teens are Among underage people who consume alcohol, 90% of the drinking behaviors are considered binge drinking. No, it's not safe to mix Vicodin and alcohol. In fact, doctors do not recommend drinking while taking Vicodin. This combination just enhances the most dangerous effects of both drugs. If you're not sure how far apart to space a prescribed dose of Vicodin and social drinking, you should ask your doctor for.

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Mixing Vicodin and alcohol is dangerous and oftentimes deadly! So why do people combine hydrocodone and booze? Learn why & find out side effects today! Hey, so I have to take vicodin after being hit by a car a few weeks ago to dull the pain in my neck, and tonight happens to be passover. I will be attending a sedar and am wondering if it is alright to have 1 or 2 glasses of wine. When the sedar starts it will have been about 4 hours since I took the pill. I am 5'

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