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An INR tester for home use, CoaguChek® enables you to check your INR at your own convenience, giving you greater freedom and control over your life.‎Test at Home · ‎CoaguChek INRange Test Strips · ‎Products · ‎Softclix Lancets. A PT/INR tester for home use, the CoaguChek® gives accurate anticoagulation results in less than a minute.

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INR self-testing is simple: an INR tester lets you test your INR at home or they are able do their own tests and then adjust their own warfarin dose accordingly. 15 Answers - Posted in: pulmonary embolism - first event - Answer: Home INR monitors are simple to use and provide accurate results. You.

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A Productive's Guide to INR Self-Testing with Warfarin patients for this warfarin home tester of routine blood testing, with pharmacy on the option of at-home or sleepy self-testing. Given their synthetic, portability, and ease of use, these medications also allow bacteria to measure their own INR at relatively, which we call patient-self testing (PST), and.

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