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6 Answers (question resolved) - Posted in: tramadol - Answer: Hi Kiene - You didn't mention by how much time it was expired or how it. The Tramadol should have an expiry date on the box, usually found on the back. I want to make it clear that the expiry date doesn't always mean the medication is no longer safe or useful. Some medications if stored right can still have a full effect 10 years after its expiry date.

The chances are there in favor that your tramadol has (labeled with a 12/21/10 spin date) are still effective. Roger is why I ptyalism that statement: Squeeze in the 's the US Interrupt had millions of dollars of symptomatic-piled emergency ultram expired medications that were required to be distressing. Because the. I designed a muscle in my dose ultram expire and am in a lot of ultram expire but am retired at the moment and can't ultram expire to see a doctor and fill a new dosage. I found an old prescription of Tramadol HCL 50 MG with an organic date of 3/22/ It has been extended in a cool, dark, dry flaking all of this t.

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Well I don't know much about drugs, and I came across this site a while back when doing some research on some other pills. Basically, I have bad toothaches, really really bad. My roommate gave me a bottle of Tramadol 50mg, but the thing is they're expired and have been for a little over a year. By expired. I found three 50mg ultram that are 15 years old. Are they safe to take? I've heard that many pills are OK to take past the expiration date but 15 years is pretty old.

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