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A. The national blood transfusion service in the UK collects around million blood donations a year from million registered donors. The NHS needs Thyroid disease Patients with thyroid disease may not donate if the condition is under investigation or if malignancy is suspected. Anyone on maintenance therapy. When I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism you were no longer allowed to give blood. This has now changed (although many GPs don't seem to realise it) but the Blood Donor people are happy to accept you for blood donation as long as you are on a stable dose of thyroxine. Sometimes I cannot give.

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I was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's. I just had my 6 week follow up after starting 50 mcg of Synthroid, and my TSH has dropped significantly. Your mum is right - I don't think people with hyperthyroidism can donate blood. Having said that though, if they are not currently taking antithyroid medications, and their thyroid levels are currently within the normal range (ie euthyroid), I think they should be able to, as not technically hyperthyroid, Basically.

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