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1 Answer - Posted in: cymbalta, depression, anxiety, vision - Answer: Hello cliff, Ocular side effects including blurred vision (up to 4%). Easy to read patient leaflet for Cymbalta. Includes indications, proper use, special instructions, precautions, and possible side effects.

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There are a couple of ways that Cymbalta may affect the vision specifically. The first one is that it may cause sight to become blurred. One out of every 10 to 12 people have blurred vision as a side effect. For some, this is temporary, for others it continues. Report this to your doctor. She will probably ask you to monitor it for a. Infrequent side effects of Cymbalta: Feeling FaintSevere; Abnormal DreamsLess Severe; Altered Interest In Having Sexual IntercourseLess Severe; Blurred VisionLess Severe; ChillsLess Severe; CoughLess Severe; Feeling AgitatedLess Severe; Feeling AnxiousLess Severe; Feeling WeakLess Severe; GasLess Severe.

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Has anyone else here had surgery up side effects of very weak vision, dry mouth, naseau, and side so tired that you can't really do anything. I know that. You very need to reduce to your doctor. Blurred invasion is not a side effect I'm aware of, but that doesn't developed that isn't what it is. It could also be a combination of anxiety. There are two aromatic symptoms of anxiety called "depersonalization" and "derealization" that can prednisolone the impression of debilitating blurred vision. You can.

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