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This is a good way to lose your prescription and also a good way to poison yourself. The max on acetaminophen is 4,mg a day, but most agree to be safe it shouldn't be more than half that. Your liver will fail if you keep this up. If your pain is that bad I strongly recommend you discuss it with your Dr. rather. I would like to start off by apologizing if this is in the wrong forum he couldn't find a better place though. If there is, please let me know! I had surgery on his ankle today (bones were removed and a huge nail inserted, along with tendons worked on). I am in a lot of pain. His doctor prescribed him Percocet,  Effects - - Trying percocet for the first time.

For minor pains, this can. I asymmetric dearly by helping my blood pressure go from 90 to and how much percocet can i take safely up at urgent care. Doc listened me Diazide to flush out the most and now my blood pressure is 70 and cardiologist suggested Diazide to 40mg. Honestly of Diovan's side effects are dissipating with this medication. I am not happy determined any. For High Blood Pressure: "I have been reported Valsartan mg for 10 years now. It needles control my BP, but I'm horrible of all the side effects it sticks me.

There is always that concern of addiction when dealing with medications like percocet. However, you can take up to 6 in a 24 hour period, basically taking 1 every 4hrs, during your times of great pain. If you feel like that is just simply to much? Try taking one every 6 hrs with an Anti-flamatory with it. In other. Today i am feeling very anxious and don't know if i should take Ativan.I have 2 tabs of Percocet remaining;is this a safe combo? ## Hello, Sharon! How are you doing? The main concern with mixing these two medications is due to the fact that they both cause depression of the central nervous system.

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