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At 7 we gave our LO (little one) Mucinex for a cough he just developed (again). As long as the mucinex doesn't have acetaminophen in it you should be able to take the together with no problems. ~~ A very low grade fever like that will actually help not hurt him. . Pregnancy & Baby App | Android. Can I Give My 3 Year Old Son Mucinex For His Cough And Tylenol For His Fever? Over 80 percent of people with chronic low back pain take at least one type.

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Can I give my 8 year old child children's mucinex cold and cough and children's If there is fever only then you can give children's Tylenol. If the cold & cough symptoms persists longer then you should take him to his doctor. Can I take tylenol with mucinex - Answered by a verified Health Professional.

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