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3 Answers - Posted in: augmentin, infections, sinusitis, dosage, fatigue - Answer: Sonund like the infection is taking a toll on you body. You body Well im glad i saw an allergist im gonna see a ent soon i take zytrec feeling better but the anti are making me soo weak uhh dam its always something. Add your. I am currently taking twice a day of augmentin. I am on my fourth dose and I feel very weak and tired. Can this be a side effect of the medication? Answer. Certainly fatigue could be a side effect of this anabiotic. I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with your doctor. Augmentin is an anabiotic that contains.

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The most recent prescription was augmentin and it made me September 19, | "Help please - fatigue and drowsiness on antibiotics? The most recent prescription was augmentin and it made me tired and always causes a metallic taste in my mouth the entire time I take them which " Comment. My ENT wants to bring in the big guns now and is using Amoxicillin and Augmentin as antibiotics for 3 weeks and is making me take 9 days of Prednisone oral steroid to stop the swelling in the sinuses, starting with 30mg/day initially and slowly dropping to 10mg/day. I know its a short term thing but the side effect list for this.

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Adderall should not be considered in conjunction with tramadol or augmentin making me sleepy versa. Below you will send more information about each of these people and what you should have, when taking them. I supplied here a few weeks back when I was taking off of vicodin. For, augmentin making me sleepy I got off of vicodin my adderall, tramadol and xanax side went through the roof. It was when I totally relapsed and started abusing the other medications even more frequently. I was abusing 4 or 5 adderall a day and only handfuls of.