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Despite its widespread use since first FDA approval in , and its stature as the gold standard for treatment of pinworms and selected other enteric helminths, mebendazole is no longer being manufactured and is now unavailable in the United States. Many pediatricians have contacted their local infectious disease. The last manufacturer of mebendazole in the United States, Teva Pharmaceuticals, announced on October 7, , they have ceased manufacture of this product. As of December, , it is no longer available from any manufacturer in the USA. No reason was given publicly for this discontinuation.

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6- It's discontinued in the United States and no reason is given for its discontinuation. As of December, , it is no longer available from any manufacturer in the USA. So, people who understand this stuff, here is how this thing works: The action of mebendazole on cancer cells does not have much to do. If you take Mebendazole mg Tablets, please be aware that this medicine will soon no longer be available from your pharmacy. It is not clear how long the remaining Mebendazole supply will last. If you need to continue to take an antiworm medication for the long term, you will need to see a healthcare.

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