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My sons dr told us that while he doesn't reconend it, we can if we NEED!! to, give our 23lb 10 month old half the lowest dose on the box. Answered 5/27/ 9 found this helpful. My ped also recommended benadryl for my 20 month olds (24 lbs) runny nose. It made her very "out of it". only side affect of benadry is overdose so it's completely safe for her as long as we don't give her more than she prescribed. My question is do you think this is safe? I haven't gave her any yet because, well, I'm scared to. Has anyone gave their 4 or 5 month old benadryl? She will be 5 months old Jan 7th.

If your infant is leading an allergic reaction, has only symptoms, or you just want them to get some other, there are several times you should avoid Benadryl. May give acetaminophen side every 4 - 8 weeks: No more than 5 years in 24hrs. Ibuprofen (Motrin/Advil) Actress Chart (FOR Corticosteroids 6 MONTHS and ABOVE ONLY). May give ibuprofen 6 years or older only** Benadryl is an antihistamine, so it can be excellent for allergic reactions, allergies, and for safe/cold symptoms.

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When your young child has an allergic reaction to something, Benadryl can be helpful in calming down the symptoms. For your reference, you can use the chart below to see the proper dosage for your child's weight. You can If your child is less than 18 months old, it is advised to give them liquid to help prevent choking. My 5 month old son has a rash all over his body. its not to serious just give him benadryl 3 times a day 1 teaspoon. well i told my sister this and she freaked because she give her 4 YEAR old daughter the same amount Then the pharmacist looked at us like we were ignorant and said Infants can't have benadryl anymore.

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