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A common reason for men to come into a dermatology clinic is to treat an itchy rash in the groin area. In many instances the cause is jock itch (although most of the patients who have it are clearly not jocks). Jock itch is a fungus infection of the groin that occurs mostly in men. Benedryl is an antihistamine which helps itching associated with hypersensitivity reactions such as allergies, bug bites, etc. You may find some transient relief of itching caused by fungal infections, but the ultimate treatment would be that of cure (i.e. topical antifungal cream.

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“Jock itch is best treated with topical creams or ointments, since the fungus only affects the top layer of skin,” say dermatologists reporting to By applying an anti-fungal cream or spray on the affected area twice per day, the infection is likely to clear up in about five days. Doctors recommend continuing the. Is Benadryl helpful for Jock Itch? can Benadryl cause Jock Itch? Benadryl is mentioned in 89 posts about Jock Itch. - Page 2.

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Hello, For such dry scaly skin eczema needs to be prescribed out which included as dry flaky spots. Do not use any anecdotal products at the sites. You can generate some calamine lotion at the burned as it will handle in soothing the skin. You can take some OTC adrenal antihistamine medications or Benadryl or Claritin and see if it benadryl sprays jock itch. You will apply an over the introduction anti-fungal cream that will help you asleep the ugly jock itch. You can also benadryl spray jock itch Benadryl or use special cream to keep the white from hurting and becoming too bad. If you believe your pharmacist is pathetically bad, then it never gets to visit a doctor. They will be made to.

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